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Hi Deborah,
I had to share my latest experience with you and I can’t wait until the next class. Yesterday morning I was taking my shower. I grounded, visualizing root stemming from my feet, going through my building to the earth, and then widening to strengthen my bond. I surrounded myself with gold light and pushed my energy up as high as I could. I called upon the Goddesses to help me in my meditation, that I may be clear and heal myself so I may heal others. I proceeded to send love and healing energy to my Mom in Virginia for her arthritis, visualizing her hand looking “normal” (without the swollen knuckles that arthritis causes). After that I was going to send my friend Nathan, love and clarity that he may be a vessel to heal. I didn’t feel too much while I was doing that and decided to open my eyes. Boy, am I glad I did.

I saw light blue and yellow swirling around me. It made me laugh with excitement. I just stood there watching for as long as I could and felt that the water had gotten bitter cold, but I wasn’t affected by it. I tried to cup the energy in my hands and put it into my body and visualized it going to the earth through my roots. I knelt down in the shower with my forehead and palms to the floor and let all of the energy drain from me, giving thanks to the Goddess for giving me the clarity and allowing me to carry my meditation to the next level. After that, I withdrew my roots, took down my shield of light, and gave thanks again, still feeling a little tingly. Then I noticed that the water was the same temperature it was when I started my shower. This was the most exciting experience I have ever had! I called my friend J., to tell her about it and we were both in awe. I wanted to tell you too! I hope to talk to you soon!
Love and light, Lisa

Following her strong family linage, Deborah is natural born psychic, devoted to giving back to Spirit. She is a person who truly cares about you and your needs. Her highly ethical and accurate abilities have helped many people through her readings and classes. She has shared her abilities in the Southwest Florida community by teaching classes in, the many forms of Divination, Scrying, Tarot, Usui Reiki, and Energy Work. Along with her husband Ross, together they have also hosted Labyrinths, and classes in Dowsing. I have found Deborah and Ross to both be a blessing in my life and am eternally grateful to have had the opportunity to study with them.
Bobbi Buxton

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