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"I had to share my latest experience with you and I canít wait until the next cl
 I met Debbie and her husband Ross in 1999. I immediately felt there was something "different" about her. I had met and worked with psychic people all of my life, but had rarely felt the pull I did from Deborah. She seemed to glow from within. From the top of her head to the tips of her pointy black boots, she radiated a feeling of magic.

We had several talks about what we did and who we were. I had been raised in a family where quietly being psychic was okay, but nothing more. Wiccans, were definitely evil, and to be avoided at all costs. Debbie took everything I thought I knew about Wicca and Psychism, flipped it upside down, gave it a shake and handed it back to me. THAT is what the best teachers do. They enlighten more than they instruct. They allow your mind and soul to either acknowledge or reject the lessons they share. However, by far the greatest lesson Deborah has to offer is how she walks her own path... With integrity and a generosity of spirit rarely found in this age.

She has had occasion to read for me often. She has always hits the mark. I inevitably learn something I didn't even realize I needed to know until later. When it happens ( as it always does *grin*) I still get wide eyed, smack my forehead, and invariably say, "Deb told me this would happen!". I make the call of shame, and let her the her prediction hit the mark, and that yes...I was unprepared when it did. She takes the time to talk me though whatever crisis I am facing. When I am on happy ground again she treats me to her infectious laugh and usually a "What are ya, slow? I told you to write it down!" But that's just her. As real as the Earth. There is nothing phoney or pretentious about Deborah.

There are volumes more I could share with you about the woman I am now proud to call my friend. Do yourself and your spirit a favor... take a class or get a reading... and instead of taking my word for how wonderful she is, you can see for yourself."

Suzanne Treviso

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